A New Solution That Reins in Runaway Supply Costs

OptiVue™ is a new integrated suite of innovative technology tools that solves the critical challenges of healthcare supply chain professionals today – from inventory optimization to value analysis to sourcing and contracting.

OptiVue™, a joint effort of Optimé and VUEMED, is an exclusive software and web-based solution that gives hospital managers and administrators reliable and comprehensive clinical utilization data, as well as the means to analyze and act on it. On a single platform, OptiVue™ provides custom, configurable solutions designed to fit any customer workflow requirements, and is implemented with full support by its seasoned team of industry experts.

The OptiVue™ platform successfully breaks down IT system silos in hospitals and creates a seamless, integrated data flow from otherwise fragmented applications such as materials management, clinical information systems, billing, financial, and electronic medical records.

OptiVue™ brings together a number of products that the two companies have pioneered, including VUEMED’s VueTrack™ for inventory control, audits and analyses, and Optimé’s SmartSUITE™ of products for value analysis and new technology workflows, procedural cost and margin analysis, ERP and EMR data synchronization, service line and comparative effectiveness analytics, contracts lifecycle management, and advanced bid optimization.

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VUEMED is a global healthcare technology company that offers innovative software and web-based solutions for the documentation and tracking of medical products, devices and supplies in a variety of healthcare organizations such as hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, and surgical centers. VUEMED’s flagship product, VueTrack™, is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and affordable tool that tracks clinical supplies from their entry into a department’s stock to their point of use for a specific patient procedure. VueTrack’s™ real-time data capture significantly streamlines the clinical documentation process and gives users complete control over their inventory. For more information, visit vuemed.com.

About Optimé

Optimé Supply Chain empowers providers with highly configurable data/document management, workflow, analytics and optimization applications to reduce cost, waste and variation in all aspects of the healthcare supply chain. With a team of veteran practitioners and optimization software engineers, Optimé becomes a partner that helps hospitals and integrated delivery networks control their supply chain destinies. For more information, visit optimesupplychain.com.